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Since first being introduced to Proffieboard and ProffieOS in 2018, I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to create new effects, styles and features for the community.  Over the past few years I have tried to push the limits of what these sabers can do and have shared my ideas and creations with the Open Source community to push sabers forward.  Thanks, obviously, to Fredrik Hubinette (profezzorn) for creating such a versatile board and OS and for helping teach and explain to make what I've done possible. 

Here's a sample of my contributions to Proffieboard (and the saber community) over the past 3 years:

And now for OS6 I've been hard at work developing even more:

Fett263 Patreon

Many of the new features are the result of my over-active imagination, brought to life with a lot of help and guidance from Fredrik. I've put in countless hours for R&D, testing, coding and debugging over the past 12+ months for OS6 with a lot more to come. While I do this for the fun of the hobby and to keep pushing the envelope of what is possible with Proffieboard lightsabers, there's a lot of time and effort involved. I've already begun building the ALL NEW! ProffieOS6 Style Library and it will have a ton of new features and styles but it's going to take even more time and effort to build and maintain it going forward, for this reason I am launching a Patreon page for those that want to help out by becoming patrons.

I appreciate all who've donated in the past on my previous libraries and once OS6 releases a lot of time will continue to go into creation for the new OS6 library and documentation to support everything possible.



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